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Travel Through Music: Discover Kenya

Maui Noël

I continue to be impressed by the debut box from @safiyasworldmusicplaylist. This soapstone giraffe is definitely one of my favorite items, but from the packaging and presentation (2) to the fantastic VIP package with @eduardoomondi (4) to just the sheer quantity of items (5), the whole experience continues to AMAZE. It’s a box that just keeps giving. I discovered so many more thoughtful details while taking pics and going through the guide. 

Pic Credits @Maui_noel on instagram

Her Unboxing

Travel Through Music: Discover Madagascar

Tracy V.


I am absolutely stunned and amazed by the awesomeness of this box. As a music and travel lover, as well as a subscription box junkie, this is the coolest box I've ever seen, heard, felt, tasted, and smelled. The founder is creative and lovely. Each piece or experience is better than the last, and the last one was fantastic, too. I know I'm gushing, but I can't recommend this box enough, you will be thrilled!

Travel Through Music: Discover kenya

Jacqueline F

Welcome to Kenya is an amazing box! The packaging was so lovely, the QR CODES are user friendly and the contents exceeded my expectations. The traditional music played in the background as I explored,read, virtually visited while I enjoyed treasures from Kenya. I’m looking forward to having a Kenyan dinner for my grandchildren. So beautifully presented and generous💜🌺💜


Travel Through Music: Discover Kenya

Blythe S

You NEED This in Your Life! 💚

WOW! I am superlatively amazed! 😍So beautifully, thoughtfully, and intelligently designed and executed.
Each box comes with a QR code on a personalized boarding pass (just for you) so that you can feel the glory of the destination from wherever you are. I got to experience Kenya without budging from LA, and let me say, it is magical! 🇰🇪
I can’t wait to uncover the rest of my travel brochures, attend a zoom concert by Kenyan artist Eduardo Omondi, find a home for my soapstone zebra (Kenny,) learn some Swahili, try on my new handmade earrings by @josina.supplies, and more! 🦓
I even received travel supplies for when I can visit Kenya for real! And thanks to Safiya, I’ll be prepared to enjoy. 😃 "


Travel Through Music: Discover Madagascar

Demí R

Travel In A Box

This was my first subscription box ever and was worth ALL the hype!!! From the comfort of my home, I was able to travel to Madagascar, learn about the culture, hear gorgeous music not only by the featured artists, but others, and just immerse myself in the beauty of it all! The only time I received something so personalized and detailed in the mail, is when I get care packages from my mom😂 COVID may have presented us with a lot of restrictions, but for a moment I felt free while going through Safiya's box. I long to travel to different countries and until I can physically do that, this is the next best thing😊 You will NOT regret subscribing! What are you waiting for?!😝

Travel Through Music : Discover Kenya

Greer M

"AMAZING AND I AM DANCING! Cheers to this box I really love what I got and heard the artists voice is amazing, if you love travel and miss live shows this box is for you. The opportunity to meet talented new artist from all over the world learning the cultures is indeed a pleasant discovery. I even got coupons in my box and a booklet with a lot of information on the artist homeland . I am dancing ! Cannot wait to order for months to come!"


Travel Through Music: Discover Kenya

Cyndi T

"This box was curated really beautifully. I got a sneak peak of it and Safiya really did a great job seeking out small businesses to put in the box and she's actively working with the featured artists so that you get the most interactive experiences with them. A someone who can't work as a musician or stage hand due to the pandemic and also loves going on tour, this box definitely gives me something to look forward to every month. I didn't even know what a subscription box was but this was a great introduction.... also you gotta taste the tea in this box! Its now my favorite tea."

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Travel Through Music: Discover Kenya

Carol C

A fantastic box!!!

Just Amazing!!!!! WOW
Way beyond my expectations!!!! Love it.

The live zoom experience was incredibly special and personal. I am seriously looking forward to the next!
Thank you, Safiya